Quieter Hour announced by Morrisons


Shoppers who struggle with both music and other associated noise that comes with visiting your local supermarket, will be able to take part in a Quieter Hour.

The quieter hour has been created for Morrisons customers who would benefit from a calmer shopping experience.

Quieter Hour

The hour will take place every Saturday, no mobile phones are required, simply rock up to your local Morrisons supermarket between 9-10am to take part.

The hour has been created with the support of the National Autistic Society.

Many people who are autistic or those with children who are autistic can find shopping in a supermarket an anxious experience.

Based on a trial

A trial was carried out earlier in the year at three of Morrisons stores located in Lincoln, Woking and Gainsborough.

The purpose of the trial was to find out what improvements can be made and to find a convenient time each week for the ‘Quieter Hour’ to take place.

By listening to the customers Morrisons found that one in every five had a friend or family member with autism and many appreciated this option.

Not just noise

During the quieter hour all 493 stores will:

  • Dim the lights
  • Turn music and radio off
  • Avoid making tannoy announcements
  • Turn checkout beeps and other electrical noises down
  • Place a poster outside to tell other customers it’s Quieter Hour

Morrisons has also committed to improve awareness amongst colleagues of the issues autistic customers face in store.

Daniel Cadey, National Autistic Society said:

Around 700,000 people are on the autism spectrum in the UK. This means they see, hear and feel the world differently to other people, often in a more intense way. Morrisons’ ‘Quieter Hour’ is a step in the right direction for autistic people who find supermarket shopping a real struggle.


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