Plymouth Businesses in First Workplace Cycle Challenge Success


Business across Plymouth have taken part in cities first Workplace Cycle Challenge, called Every Ride Counts.

The cycle challenge which has been dubbed a huge success by Plymouth City Council saw 86 people from 23 teams and 10 organisations take part int he challenge.

Councillor Jeremy Goslin, recently appointed Plymouth’s new Cycling Champion said:

It’s great that the challenge was so well received and that so many teams took part. All the teams have done exceptionally well and I am really pleased that the challenge was enjoyed by both new and seasoned cyclists. We’re looking forward to running the challenge again next year and hope that even more businesses and teams take part.

Plymouth Workplace Cycle Challenge

The challenge which was spearheaded by Plymouth City Council’s Plymotion team, rewarded the number of trips made, rather than the distance cycled.

The purpose of the challenge was to encourage more people to get out and about cycling, especially whilst commuting to work.

In total the teams took over 2808 bike trips averaging out at over 26 minutes per trip, just think of the fuel that has saved.

Cycle Infrastructure

One participant in the challenge said:

Thanks for organising the event, hopefully after seeing how popular cycling has become, some money can be spent on the cycling infrastructure on the more popular routes for cycling around Plymouth

Of course, and as with every challenge, there are some winners, these are:

Best Team, Team Ambitious But Rubbish’, Babcock International, pictured below.

This was after they had completely defied their name and completed and impressive 304 rides over 101 hours and 36 minutes.

Well done to the team.


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